Why Product Return is one of the major problems of pharmacies?

  • RetailerShakti
  • April 28, 2023

Product returns can be a significant problem for pharmacies, both financially and logistically. The classification of medications as non-returnable may occur for a variety of reasons. The product's condition, the timing of the return in relation to the expiration date, and whether the manufacturer originally discounted or offered the product as nonreturnable are the three main concerns.


 Return Policy: Some medicine distributors have specific, complex return policies, which creates problems for pharmacists for product returns. If the pharmacist fails to comply with these policies, returns will not be accepted.


Defective Products: If the product is defective, the medicine distributors may request proof of the defect before accepting the return, such as a photograph or a statement from the pharmacist, which is not always possible for the pharmacist to provide.


Label Damaged: If the label is damaged for any reason, it is difficult to return the product, even if it has not expired.


Not in the Initial Packaging:  The product is either not packaged in its original manner. Repackaged controlled substances that are still detectable are not returnable.


Opened Products: Retailers refrain from taking back medicines or health-related products if they have been opened.


Lack of Documentation: The pharmacist may need to provide appropriate documentation, such as a receipt or invoice, to initiate the return process. Without proper documentation, medicine distributors refrain from accepting returns.


Expired: Medicine distributors refrain from accepting returns if a drug or health product has expired.


Near Expiry: Pharmacists face difficulty in returning products when the return period for drugs or health products and the expiration date of the product are near, while medicine distributors refrain from accepting returns of such products.


Payment Refund Policy: Some medicine distributors have a variety of hidden refund policies that make it difficult for pharmacists to receive refunds when returning products later.


Time constraints: The medicine distributors may have a specific time frame within which the product must be returned, and if the pharmacist misses this timeline, the return may not be accepted.


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