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Mission Statement

RetailerShakti is a platform by Sastasundar Healthbuddy Limited to empower neighbourhood retailers as part of organised inventory, technology & finance to provide competitive advantage to their customers in terms of offering wide range of products, price & experience.


RetailerShakti: Empowering the Retailers

RetailerShakti is a compound phrase that signifies the idea of ‘Empowering Retailers’ in India and is focussed towards adopting the B2B - Business to Business and B2R - Business to Retailer business model that is unique in its efficiency, innovation and scale. It empowers the retailers by making them capable of competing with organised retail and by increasing their efficiency in terms of space utilization, inventory and finance management.


Why RetailerShakti

RetailerShakti is a web and mobile app based platform that provides a unique experience to the bulk purchasers. It provides the widest assortment of 65 thousands plus products across 120 categories from regional, national and international brands at one place to the online retailers and wholesalers who deal with OTC, medicine and FMCG products at good margins, thereby allowing them to focus more on their business and servicing more and more customers.


Organised Inventory

RetailerShakti connects the online retailers and wholesalers with a centralised and organised inventory to make the bulk shopping online at a competitive price thus enabling them to keep a high profit margin. Organised Inventory is a large pool of inventory consisting International & National brands which comprise exclusive, customised and unique range of products that are not available elsewhere. By getting themselves connected with this Organised Inventory, retailers would be able to collaborate their own inventory with it and would be able to shop bulk items online.


Organised Finance

RetailerShakti provides the retailers the edge of Organised Finance, i.e., the option to make the payments at their convenience by connecting them with NBFC, Banks etc. There is also the option of paying through credit cards that provides enhanced credit for up to 45 days. One can pay online as well. All these options give the retailers an extra advantage in terms of their working capital finance.


Organised Experience

RetailerShakti provides the retailers and wholesalers an Organised Experience by giving them easy access to varieties of brands and products at one place. It gives them a hassle-free and comfortable shopping experience at the lowest possible prices and delivers the ordered products at their doorstep. The retailer gets the highest profit margin along with guaranteed satisfaction and convenient hours of operation.

RetailerShakti aims to create India's most reliable and frictionless retailing ecosystem that leads to life-changing experiences for buyers who purchase wholesale pharmacy and grocery items online while remaining futuristic in taking business decisions that fuel better quality and efficiency.


All about RetailerShakti:

About Us

RetailerShakti saves money as it offers the maximum margin, saves time as it supplies fast, provides certainty as you can check inventory and book it for you, makes your inventory fast rolling as you look after your sales pattern.

Our Address

If you have any query or need our help, please let us know. Simply call on 6292-002-002 or mail us at care@retailershakti.com

Registered Office:
Retailer Shakti Supply Chain Private Limited (a 100% owned subsidiary of Sastasundar Healthbuddy ltd.)
Innovation Tower,
Premises No. 16-315,
Plot No. DH6/32, Action Area-1D,
Newtown, Rajarhat,
Kolkata – 700156,
West Bengal, India