Digital Promotions for Business Growth

  • RetailerShakti
  • March 29, 2023

Think Digitally!

In this digital age, expanding your business to digital platforms enables us to target customers with a broad reach and generate significant revenue with minimal effort. With the help of digital promotions, small businesses can now stand toe to toe with the large companies of today's market and expand their customer base. It is an easy and affordable way nowadays for a small firm to enter the realm of the digital arena and as it costs less expenditure it can be a fruitful attempt for business owners to successfully boost their brand recognition, online visibility, and profitability.

 Digital promotions enable us to optimize our target audience and provide customized suggestions by using a variety of statistics to determine what our clients are interested in. Digital marketing techniques help us to establish a rapport with the clients as well as establish the company as a reliable business partner. One of the very important and outstanding advantages of digital promotions is that any business now can reach a worldwide audience and engage with fresh potential clients.


Digital/ Online Presence is Necessary to Get New Customers

The simplest strategy to boost client accessibility or get new customers for the company is to have an online presence. Your clients are looking for your services 24/7, so simply managing a brick-and-mortar business is no longer enough to give you an advantage over your opponents. By building a strong online presence, you can make sure that your company runs well without the need for extra staff or even when you are sleeping. You just make it possible for a variety of new as well as existing audiences to contact you at their convenience.

Also, establishing a digital presence is an excellent method to highlight the brand's strengths. Printing numerous flyers and brochures is considerably more difficult than creating a fantastic online portfolio of company products. Your brand's digital presence also allows it to establish its voice and engage with its audience.


 Let’s Find Out How Digital Presence Works For Your Business

Talking about digital presence, Google local search is one such common tool which can enable your customers to easily get access to your business with images of your store or marketplace. Whenever someone searches for nearby businesses on or Google Maps mostly on their phone (for instance, "medicine shop near me"), they can come across local search advertisements that highlight the locations and details of your company.

The benefits of having such an online presence in Google Local search are:

  • Getting more traffics from new and potential customers of your store/ business
  • Getting calls for your products
  • Making it easier for customers to acquire more about your company.

Your digital presence may be enhanced to become more noticeable and pertinent when it seems people near you are searching for your company/ services. Here are some of the approaches which can be implemented for that:

  • Creating a Google My Business Page
  • Optimization and updation of Google My Business Page
  • Getting reviews for your Google My Business
  • Including your company in the appropriate business search directories
  • Adding your company's address to your website, etc.


How to Set Up a Google My Business Page:

Make sure your Google profile is created and confirmed before interacting with potential consumers. After finishing the verification customers will be able to locate your company profile on Google.

  •  Sign in to your Gmail
  • Type in your browser -
  •  Create your Google Business Profile

To create the Google Business Profile, some choices will come your way. You have to choose the options as per your preference. Let’s find out some of the glimpses of that:

  •  The first page will ask you regarding the addition of a location of your store or office where customers can visit, please select ‘YES’ for that option.
  •  The next page will ask you to fill up the details of your business address. You need to drag the location marker to point to the exact location of your shop.
  • One of the important aspects to add to your business page is to add whether your business provides home delivery or not.
  •  If you choose "Yes" then on the next page the delivery areas should be included and If you select "No" then you need to provide your company's phone number, preferably the same one that you use for business WhatsApp.
  •  Verify the mobile number on the next page.
  •  After that, Your Company’s business hours or shop timing need to be included.
  • Next, press ‘accept messaging’ as It is very important to allow people to chat with you for their queries.
  • For better reach and engagement with customers write something nice and interesting about your shop/ company, like offers, services etc.
  • Take quality pictures of your store and upload them (at least 4 recommended).
  • Next one page will come up where you could be offered to buy a website domain. You do not need to buy any.
  • Finally, click ‘Continue’ to finish up the set-up.


Some of the Simple Steps to Engage With Customers Online To Get More Orders:

  • Collect the Mobile Numbers of your Regular Customers.
  •  Save them on your phone
  • Use WhatsApp on your phone
  • Create a WhatsApp Group with your Shop/ Brand Name
  • Add the numbers of your regular customers in the Group
  • Send messages about your services like –

                  - Medicine Home Delivery.

                  - Online/UPI-based payment facility.

                  - Discount offers.


 The Happy Process Flow:

  • You make a list of frequent client phone numbers.
  • Form a WhatsApp Group.
  • Send offer - 20% off on all medicines.
  • The customer calls you & Asks about a particular medicine.
  • You confirm and provide him with the pricing, as well as online payment choices.
  • The customer makes payment.
  • You deliver medicines to his home.
  • You ask the customer to rate you on Google My Business.