Choose the Right Wholesale Platform for Your Retail Shop

  • RetailerShakti
  • March 23, 2023

Finally, you have decided to procure the goods for your retail shop online. Congrats, you have taken a good decision. Now you need to figure out from whom you will source the products. You are probably facing a dilemma on choosing the most suitable wholesale e-commerce platform. It is certainly a critical decision as it affects timely product delivery to customers, pricing, wide selection and profit margins.

When choosing a wholesale platform, it's important to consider factors like customer service, offers, price, product portfolio, reliability and payment options. These are the key components for deciding which online wholesale platform will work for you.

Criteria for choosing a Wholesale Platform

Check the following to ascertain whether a wholesale provider is apt for you or not:

 Product Portfolio - It is obvious to be informed about whether the wholesale provider offers the product and brands you want. Try to partner with wholesalers that offer a clear product listing which is easy to navigate through and comes with all product details. This makes the buying process more simpler. It is essential to examine the availability of products so that you never run out of stock.

Reliable Shipping - Consider you have brought the products cheaply from a wholesaler. However if they are delivered late it could be a loss for you. Therefore their services should be impeccable and reliable as it will also affect your ability to meet customer demand. It is imperative to select a wholesaler with product tracking and automated delivery alerts. 

Price - Price is an important factor. Ensure to thoroughly check various wholesalers, as there can be significant price differences based on geographical location, shipping distances and their rapport with with manufactures. You can always make comparison across websites too.

Customer Service - Good customer service is an important criteria in deciding the right bulk provider. Can you easily contact someone regarding an issue? Is there a support number or live chat available? You would apparently like to work with one who is available when you need them.

Payment options: Check for the payment platforms available. It is not always possible to opt for cash on delivery. Ideally go for B2B e-commerce wholesalers who offer payment options like net banking, credit and debit cards, online gateways like Paytm etc. This would ease your payment worries and make transactions smooth.

RetailerShakti is one such wholesale B2B e-commerce platform. How will you benefit from this unique marketplace for retailers? Read on to know why:

  • Extensive Product portfolio
  • Free delivery at your shop
  • 50000+ genuine products
  • Best prices guaranteed
  • Secured online payments
  • Good profit margins

Therefore the wholesale provider you choose will influence your regular relationship with customers. Simultaneously, you need to cherry pick one that gives you good margins and gives you the confidence that you are partnering with a dependable entity.