Zeoline Solution 20 ml

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    It is made of a naturally occurring zeolite called clinoptilolite, which has been proven to balance the body’s pH levels and remove heavy metal toxins, pesticides, herbicides and dioxins.

    • Used to purify water
    • Travel friendly water purifier
    • Prevents water-borne diseases
    • User friendly pack of 20 ml

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20 ml

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Zeoline Solution 20 ml

By removing the toxins that would otherwise impede the body’s metabolic processes to achieve a state in which it can function and heal itself much more effectively. Zeolite is a naturally occurring crystalline mineral formed over millions of years by the process of crystallization of volcanic ash submerged in the sea or fresh water lakes. It has been a common ingredient in traditional Asian remedies for over a thousand years, and today it is used as a food additive, to purify water and by the pharmaceutical industry. The effectiveness of this low-cost product to make water absolutely free from bacteria is its main reason to b immensely popular whether while travelling or for home use. It plays a vital role in saving the life of millions of people in flood and cyclone affected areas by preventing major epidemics / water-borne diseases, wherever this product reaches.

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