U Grow Wide Neck Silicon Nipple (UBT-WN2X) X Pack Of 2

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    Pack of - 2

    Number of Contents in a Sales Package - 2N

    Container Type - Blister Pack

    Product Type - Bottle Nipple

    Ideal For - 6+ Months

    Material Type - Silicon

    Product Information - 

     U-grow nipples are designed to help babies feed from both the breast and the bottle. The nipple's standard shape is similar to the shape of a breast, and its soft, rounded nipple encourages the same peristaltic movements used to feed. Twin anti-colic valves keep air in the bottle and out of babies' tummies, making feeding and digesting more comfortable and reducing colic. The nipple is made from soft, durable silicone and has a design that prevents it from collapsing while your baby feeds.


    Warning -  

    • Before each use, pull the nipple in all directions. If there are any signs of damage (for example by biting) or weakness, throw them away. 
    • Always check the temperature of the feed before offering it to your baby. 
    • Remember to never leave an infant unsupervised when bottle feeding.
    • Feeding nipples must not be used as dummies/soothers/pacifiers.  

    Usage Instructions -  

    • Always wash your hands before feeding your baby. 
    • Before & after each use, sterilize the nipple & wash it thoroughly with soap & warm water. 
    • Do not clean or allow to come into contact with solvents or harsh chemicals. Damage could result. 
    • Keep the nipple in a dry covered container. 
    • Never leave the nipple in direct sunlight. 

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Pack Of 2

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