Taiyu (Spf 45)Pa+++ Sunscreen Lotion 100 ml

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    Taiyu (SPF 45)PA+++ Sunscreen Lotion protects you from the harmful UV radiation of the sun. They help to prevent sunburn and premature aging.

    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Makes your skin glow
    • Helps detan and protects from tanning
    • Acts as a perfect shield for all weather


100 ml

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Taiyu (Spf 45)Pa+++ Sunscreen Lotion 100 ml

The Taiyu sunscreen protects sensitive skin against daily exposure to UV rays to prevent sunburn and sunspots while leaving the skin with a smooth finish. It has SPF 45 and PA+++ which makes it a broad spectrum, chemical sunscreen which means it absorbs the sun-ray’s verses deflecting or blocking them like physical sunscreens. It also means your skin is protected from UVB rays (responsible for sunburns and skin cancer) and UVA rays (responsible for aging the skin as they penetrate deeply into the dermis-the thickest layer of skin).

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