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    About Supracal Pro + Tablet:

    Supracal Pro + Tablet contains Calcium Citrate & Vitamin D3 with Magnesium, Zinc & minerals, where Calcium is an important nutritional element for building and maintenance of healthy bones and strong teeth. The High-dose Vitamin D3 in Supracal Pro+  may deliver beneficial effects on cardiodiabetic diseases, skin disorders, hormonal diseases, and other diseases where there are adverse effects on bone health because of disease or due to primary treatment.


    Each film coated tablet contains:

    Calcium Citrate: 1250 mg, Vitamin D3: 1000 IU, Magnesium Hydroxide: 100 mg

    Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate equivalent to elemental Zinc: 4 mg, Sodium Borate equivalent to elemental Boron: 250 mcg, Manganese Sulphate equivalent to elemental Manganese: 2 mg, Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate equivalent to elemental Copper: 1 mg, Colloidal Silicon Dioxide equivalent to elemental Silicon: 2 mg, Excipients q.s.

    Colours: Brilliant Blue FCF & Titanium Dioxide.

    Appropriate overages of vitamin added.

    Uses of Supracal Pro + Tablet:

    • Promotes bone health.
    • Maintains strong teeth.
    • Tackles bone demineralization.

    Usage Direction of Supracal Pro + Tablet:

    • Supracal Pro + Tablet is intended for oral use only, in a dose and direction as advised by the physician.
    • Supracal Pro + Tablet should be swallowed whole with the help of water.
    • Do not break, chew or crush the tablet.
    • Do not skip or stop the medicine without the physician’s advice.
    • Do not consume more than the recommended dose.
    • Before consumption, always go through the leaflet or label instructions that come with the product.

    Precaution & Safety related information of Supracal Pro + Tablet:

    • If hypersensitive or allergic to Supracal Pro + Tablet, inform the physician immediately.
    • If found any other complications, inform the physician immediately.
    • The physician should be well informed when concomitant consumption of this one with any other medicines or supplements.
    • Consult with the physician during pregnancy & lactation.
    • Keep medicines out of reach of children.

    Storage Condition of Supracal Pro + Tablet:

    • Store below 30°C in dry, dark place.

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15 Tablets

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