Sterillium Disinfectant 500 ml

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    Sterillium is a classic among rub-in hand disinfectants for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection. It is proven to be gentle and kind to your hand. It has broad spectrum effectiveness against many micro-organisms including enveloped viruses.

    • Ready to use
    • Surgical alcohol rub
    • Antiseptic hand disinfectant
    • Used on hands for operating theatres & wards

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500 ml

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Sterillium Disinfectant 500 ml

Recommended for Hand disinfection in injection manufacturing units, ointments, “critical” Sterillium is a proven Hand Disinfectant with skin protecting factor. Sterillium has a proven kill rate of 99.99% on all transient flora and also reduces residual flora of hands. It guarantees minimization of contamination and control of bio burden, and is proven efficacious against 70 different strains of bacteria, 14 antibiotic resistant strains, 6 types of mycobacterium, 7 types of fungi, 16 types of viruses, including HCV, Avian Flu, Adeno, Sars and Swine Flu. Rub with 3ml Sterillium on hands for 30 seconds for complete disinfection. It possesses an excellent immediate effect that provides very good residual effect. It is used on hands for operating theatres & wards, in-between procedures and patients. It has excellent skin tolerability even with long-term use. It is aimed for hygienic and surgical rub-in hand disinfection – independent of washbasin and water and also for all areas that are relevant to hygiene.

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