Softovac Bowel Regulator For Effective Relief From Constipation & Irregular Bowel Habits 100 g

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    Pack of: 1

    Quantity: 100 g

    Packaging Type: Plastic Jar

    Product Type: Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine

    Mfg. Lic No.: HP-40-Ay

    Product Information:

    Softovac is a clinically proven bowel regulator, made from 100% natural actives. It is a high fibre formulation enriched with Sonamukhi, Harad, Mulethi, and Saunf. Its non-habit-forming formulation provides effective relief from constipation and maintains a healthy digestive system.

    Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine Composition (Powder): Each 5 g contains

    Isapgol (Plantago ovata) Husk 2.00 g, Sonamukhi (Cassia angustifolia) Lf. 0.75 g, Harad (Terminalia chebula) Fr. 0.50 g, Amaltas (Cassia fistula) Fr. Pulp 0.50 g, Mulethi (Glycyrrhiza glabra) Rt. 0.25 g, Gulab Dal (Rosa centifolia) Fl. petal 0.25 g, Saunf (Foeniculum vulgare) Fr. 0.25 g, Saunf Taila (Foeniculum vulgare) Fr. OI. 0.05 g, Sharkara (Refined Sugar) q.s.

    Sodium Benzoate (as preservative) 0.1% (w/w)

    Added as powder. Added as water/dry extract.

    • Sonamukhi: It helps facilitate bowel mobility through its anti-absorptive properties.
    • Harad: Helps in the proper functioning of the intestine.
    • Mulethi: It has healing properties that help prevent stomach or intestine-related irritation.
    • Saunf: It helps to prevent flatulence and indigestion.
    • Gulab Dal: It has demulcent properties that form a protective layer in the intestine
    • Isabgol: It is rich in fibre & mucilage and helps create a downward pressure in the bowels.
    • Amaltas: It has laxative properties which help in smooth gut evacuation.

    Key Benefits:

    • Provides effective relief from constipation
    • Corrects irregular bowel habits
    • Maintains normal bowel function
    • Prevents flatulence and indigestion.
    • Supports healthy digestive system

    Usage Direction:

    • Softovac is recommended to consume orally in a dose & direction as advised by the physician.
    • Consume 1-2 Teaspoonfuls (5-10 g) of Softovac followed by a glass of lukewarm water at bedtime or as advised by the physician.
    • Close the container after use.
    • Before consumption always goes through the leaflet or label instruction that comes up with the product.

    Safety Information:

    • If allergic to any ingredients of Softovac, let the physician know straight away.
    • The physician should be well informed when concomitant consumption of this one with other product.
    • Pregnant women are advised to consult their physician before using this product.

    Storage Condition:

    • Store in a cool & dry place. Away from light.
    • Keep out of reach of children.

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Softovac Bowel Regulator For Effective Relief From Constipation & Irregular Bowel Habits 100 g

Plantago Ovata + Cassia Angustifolia + Terminalia Chebula + Cassia Fistula + Glycyrrhiza Glabra + Rosa Centifolia + Foeniculum Vulgare

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