Six Pack Nutrition XLR8 Lemon Flavour Powder 1 kg

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    XLR8 helps to accelerate one’s fitness goals by providing a unique blend of nutrition. During any physical activity, the body constantly loses fluids and salts. Loss of body weight through sweat reduces the capacity for muscular work and impairs performance and if not replenished in time can result in circulatory collapse and heat stroke.

    • Instant and extended release energy blend.
    • Delivers vital electrolytes sodium, potassium to avoid cramping and ensure prolonged muscle performance.
    • Provides glutamine known to have Anti-catabolic activity for quick muscle recovery.
    • Optimal rehydration and electrolyte balance.
    • No added sugar.
    • Replenishes essential needs of active people: Immediate energy (dextrose), long lasting energy (maltodextrin), Fast rehydration (Isotonicity), Fluid electrolyte balance, ATP production (Minerals), Muscle repair and recovery (Glutamine).
    • Also available in two exciting flavours – Orange and Watermelon.
    • Recommended dosage: 33g in 500ml cold water to be consumed during & after physical activity.

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1 kg

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