Pril Perfect Active Kraft Gel Utensil Cleaner (Free Pril 225 ml) 750 ml

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    Pack Of - 1

    Number Of Contents In A Sales Package - 1

    Quantity - 750 ml(Free Pril 225 ml)

    Container Type - Bottle

    Product Type - Utensil Cleaner

    Ideal for - Kitchen

    Product Information – Pril Liquid has been a forerunner in the dish-washing segment ever since its inception in 1999. Its high grease dissolving powder and quick dry formula make Pril a superior cleansing agent. Since our customers deserve only the best, Pril Liquid has a unique formula making it non messy and gentle to the skin, thus leaving both your dishes as well as your hands clean, smooth and pleasant. Among other ingredients is a potent antibacterial element that easily deals with even the toughest of bacteria. With its advanced German Active + Molecules, Pril provides you holistic protection as it easily cleans grease and residual odour leaving your utensils clean and fresh. The overwhelming success of Pril Liquid in India led to the development of the Pril Utensil Cleaner Bar. It is available in 4 variants: Pril Lime, Pril Orange, Pril Lemon Fresh and Pril Anti Bacterial with Neem. Pril Liquid continues to be a heavyweight in the dish-washing segment in India, providing unparalleled protection and flawless results. Pril Liquid Detergent The key to a clean kitchen. Use the Pril Active 2X Kraft Gel to clean utensils for a shinier look. Enriched with active ingredients, this liquid dishwasher helps in removing the toughest of the stains and germs from the utensils. A wash with just a drop of the liquid diluted in the water can provide your utensils with a fresh look and a great smell. The liquid is non messy and proves to be gentle on the skin, hence leaves your hands fresh, clean and smooth.  

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750 ml

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