Pediasure Vanilla Delight Flavour Powder Refill 400 g

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    Pack Of - 1

    Quantity - 400g

    Container Type - Mono Carton

    Product Type - Dairy Based Drink

    Ideal For - Children

    Flavour - Vanilla

    Food Preference - Vegetarian

    Fssai Lic. Number - 10013021000829

    Product Information -

    SPECIALIZED NUTRITION: Pediasure is a health drink that provides nutrition for children 3 years & above. Scientifically designed with 37 nutrients to support height & weight gain, immune function & brain development.
    COMPLETE DRINK FOR OPTIMAL GROWTH: The milk powder for kids made with nutrients like Arginine and Vitamin K2, to support longer & stronger bones during the special years of rapid growth.
    SUPPORTS HEIGHT & WEIGHT GAIN: Formulated with nutrients like Protein, Calcium, Vitamin D, Iron & Iodine to support growth catch-up. Pediasure is scientifically proven to increase height & weight in 90 days when consumed regularly in the right quantity.
    MAINTAINS IMMUNE FUNCTION: Pediasure is scientifically developed with key immunonutrients like Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Vitamin A, C & E to maintain immunity in children 3 years and above. These immunity nutrients support fight against infection.
    PROMOTES BRAIN DEVELOPMENT: Pediasure is a nutritional drink that offers neuronutrients like Linoleic Acid, Alpha Linolenic Acid, Choline, Taurine, Magnesium & Biotin to support brain development and enhance mental strength.
    TRUSTED NUTRITION: It is scientifically tested. When your child is 7 years old or above, try Pediasure 7+, specially formulated to meet the needs of growing kids.

    Benefits -

    • Scientifically tested and formulated with 37 nutrients to help support growth
    • Boosts immune function and brain development
    • Helps improve immunity
    • Comes in a delicious and delightful vanilla flavour

    Ingredients - Skim Milk Powder, Maltodextrin, Sucrose, edible Vegetable Oil (Soy Oil, high oleic sunflower oil), lactose, fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS) (1.9%), medium chain trygleceride (MCT) oil, flavourings (Nature identical and artificial flavouring substances - Vanilla), L-arginine HCL, minerals. Vitamins m-inositol, taurine, L-carnitine, Lactobacinus, acidophitus (0.001%) contains milk.

    Nutritional facts per 100g -

    Energy - 454k cal

    Protein - 14.10g

    Fat - 15.00g

    Saturated Fatty Acids - >4.14g

    Monounsaturated fatty acids - 6.20g

    Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids - 4.20g

    Trans fatty acids - >0.20g

    Cholesterol - >30mg

    Linoleic acid - 3200mg

    Alpha Linoleic Acid - 351mg

    Carbohydrate - 64.74g

    Total Sugars - 37.00g

    Added Sugars - 19.35g

    Added Sucrose - 17.10g

    FOS - 1.58g

    Taurine - 28.0mg

    Carnitine - 6.7mg

    Inositol - 32.0mg

    Arginine - 1099.0mg


    Vitamin A - 439mcg RE

    Vitamin D2 - 11.00mcg

    Vitamin E - 11.00 mg a-TE

    Vitamin K1 - 26.3mcg

    Vitamin K2 (Menaquinine-7) - 8.8mcg

    Vitamin C - 44.0mg

    Folic Acid - 110mcg

    Vitamin B1 - 0.90mg

    Vitamin B2 - 1.00mg

    Vitamin B6 - 1.00mg

    Vitamin B12 - 1.50mcg

    Niacin - 7.00mg NE

    Pantothenic Acid - 3100mcg

    Biotin - 16.0mcg

    Choline - 118.0mg


    Sodium - 181mg

    Potassium - 512mg

    Chloride - 420mg

    Calcium - 656mg

    Phosphorus - 408mg

    Magnesium - 50.0mg

    Iron - 14.30mg

    Zinc - 5.00mg

    Manganese - 0.98mg

    Copper - 400mcg

    Iodine - 99.0mcg

    Selenium - 32.9mcg

    Chromium - 12.0mcg

    Molybdenum - 19.7mcg

    Storage Information - 

    This box contains sealed foil pouches. Once the foil pouch has been opened, contents should be used within 3 weeks. Please do not empty the content of foil into the container and continue to use powder from the foil pouch. Transfer the pouch into another clean air-tight container and store in a cool, dry & hygienic place (Do not refrigerate). For extra precaution, fold the foil pouch after every use to avoid powder exposure to the environment.

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400 g

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