Pansari Madhu Amla (Free 10 g Extra) 100 g

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    Pack Of- 1

    Quantity- 100 g (Free 10 g Extra)

    Net Quantity - 110 g

    Container Type- Jar

    This is a VEGETARIAN product.

    Fssai License No.- 12814012000361

    Product Information –

    Amla is the most potent natural source of vitamin C and vitamin B complex in fact this tiny fruit has as much vitamin C as two oranges.It has strong anti-oxidant properties and helps the body to digest food better. Amla fortis the liver,strengthens the lungs, nourishes your brain,improves urinary system. PANSARI MADHU Amla also has minerals such as carotine,phosphorus,calcium,iron in abundance. PANSARI MADHU Amla is a sour & sweet fun-filled treat helpful to boost immunity,increases haemoglobin level,red blood cells count and purifies blood.



    1. Nice sour & sweet taste.

    2. A powerful antioxident.

    3. Prevents against cough,cold & sour throat.

    4. Aids digestion and cure acidity.

    5. Increases haemoglobin level.

    6. Increases red blood cells count.

    7. Rich in minerals & vitamins.

    8. Purifies blood & helps to remove pimples .

    9. Boosts immunity.

    10. Slowsdown ageing.

    11. It helps to grow lustrous hair


    Nutritional Value Per 100 g

    Protine 1.19 g

    Carbohydrate 69.5 g

    Fat .25g

    Fibeer 8.00 g

    Calcium 5 mg


    Iron 3 mg

    Energy 285 Kcal





    Storage Instruction-

    Store in cool, dry & hygienic place.

Product discontinued

100 g

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