Oriflame Veryme Eye Liner Black 3.5 ml

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    Pack Of - 1

    Quantity – 3.5 ml

    Container Type – Tube Stick

    Ideal For - Eyes

    Shade – black

    Product Information- Demand attention with these precise, liquid eyeliners with an easy-to-use, soft, fine applicator. Create thick and thin lines in intense shades for different styles and show your versatility. Organic Eyeliner

    • Doesn't smudge or feather until you touch
    • Stays for a day long unless you want to remove
    • Intense black with glossy finish.

    How To Use- Tilt your head back slightly, and draw your eyelid taut with your non-dominant hand., 2.Dip the Brush tip in the pot and remove the excess product while removing the Brush out., 1.Steady your dominant hand on a table., 4.With your dominant hand draw a thin line on the eyelid. Thicken as need be.

Product discontinued

3.5 ml

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