Nuby Manual Breast Express Pump (67659)

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    Pack Of - 1

    Number Of Contents In A Sales Package - 1

    Container Type - Mono Cartoon

    Material Type - BPA free Plastic

    Ideal for - Women

    Product Information – The Nuby Manual Breast Pump is quiet & discreet and has a soft silicone insert with massage cushions to help you feel extra comfy (it's removable if you're happier without though). You can also adjust the suction pressure by turning the vacuum valve to suit your comfort levels. Believe us, that can change from day to day! It's light and easy to hold with a neat handle plus it's small enough for taking with you everywhere on-the-go so you're prepared for any moment where you just have to 'express yourself'. Bet you never thought your handbag would have to be cleared out to fit a breast pump! Yes you have to manually press the lever but once you've got a good suction around your breast, your milk should begin to flow after the first few pumps. The suction will help draw your milk down so you won’t need to continue pumping the lever. Not as hard work as some would make you think!


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