Neeri Syrup 200 ml

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    Pack of: 1

    Quantity: 200 ml

    Product Type: Ayurvedic Proprierary Medicine

    Packaging Type: Bottle

    Flavour: Rosewhite

    Food Preferance: Veg

    Mfg. Lic. No : DL-194 A&U/HP-151 Ay

    Product Information:

    Neeri Syrup is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine that is effective & safe for the management of burning micturition & urinary tract infections.


    Each 10 ml Syrup contains:

    A. Aqueous extracts derived from:

    Punernava (Boerhaavia diffusa): 500 mg, Panchtrin Mool (Classical Ay. Preparation): 500 mg, Ikshu Mool (Saccharum officinarum): 500 mg, Gokhru (Tribulus terrestris): 450 mg, Chharilla (Parmelia perlata): 450 mg, Varun (Crataeva nurvala): 400 mg, Kulatha (Dolichos biflorus): 400 mg, Pashan Bhed (Bergenia ligulata): 100 mg, Palash (Butea monosperma): 100 mg, Lajaloo (Mimosa pudica): 100 mg, Makoya (Solanum nigrum): 100 mg, Kakri Beej (Cucumis utilissimus): 100 mg, Daruharidra (Berberis aristata): 50 mg

    B. Powders:

    Sudh Shilajeet (Black Bitumen Purified): 200 mg, Swat Parpati (Classical Ay. Preparation): 150 mg, Moolikshar (W.S. ash of Raphanus sativus): 150 mg, Sheetal Chini (Piper cubeba): 100 mg, Saindhav Namak (Classical Ay. Preparation): 50 mg, Sajjikshar (Classical Ay. Preparation): 50 mg, Sugar syrup base q.s., Excipients q.s.

    Colour: Tartrazine

    Flavour: Rosewhite

    Other Ingredients:

    Benzoic Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Sodium Methylparaben, Sodium Propylparaben.

    Key Benefits:

    • Helps to reduce dysuria, burning micturition, oedema, ansarca
    • Relieves from non-specific U.T.I’s & Other Urinary disorders
    • Soothes urinary tract
    • Prevents recurrence in UTIs
    • Protects kidneys naturally

    Usage Direction:

    • Neeri Syrup is intended to consume orally in a dose and direction as advised by the physician.
    • Before consumption, always go through the leaflet or label instructions that come with the product.

    Safety Information:

    • If allergic to any ingredients of Neeri Syrup, let the physician know straight away.
    • The physician should be well informed when the concomitant consumption of this one with another medicine or supplement.
    • Seek precautions during pregnancy and lactation.

    Storage Condition:

    • Keep in a cool & dry place, away from direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate.
    • Keep out of reach of children.


200 ml

MRP Rs. 285.00

More Information


Neeri Syrup 200 ml

Boerhaavia Diffusa + Panchtrin Mool + Saccharum Officinarum + Tribulus Terrestris + Parmelia Perlata + Crataeva Nurvala + Dolichos Biflorus + Bergenia Ligulata + Butea Monosperma + Mimosa Pudica + Solanum Nigrum + Cucumis Utilissimus + Berberis Aristata + Black Bitumen + Swet Parpati + Raphanus Sativus + Piper Cubeba + Saindhav Namak + Sajjikshar

Neeri syrup contains extracts of pashanabheda, punarnava and palasha pushpa like herbs that prevent the formation of urinary stones, kidney stones and stones after surgery. Neeri prevents the recurrence of urinary tract infections and urinary calculi by regulating the crystalloid-colloid imbalance while providing relief from burning micturition, oedema and generalised anasarca. It eradicates the organisms causing urinary tract infections from the roots itself. It takes care of prostate related disorders like benign prostatic enlargement and cystitis effectively. It protects the kidney from nephrotoxic agents. Adults can take two teaspoonful(10ml) thrice a day and children can take one teaspoonful(5ml) twice a day. It is completely herbal and safe for long term usage. The syrup comes in a 200ml bottle..

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