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    Liver, the largest, heaviest & most perfused organ & gland in our body, carries out a number of vital functions. Apart from detoxification, bile secretion & synthesis of special proteins (like those needed for blood clotting, binding hormones, BP control, etc.), the liver is indispensible for carbohydrate, protein, cholesterol & mineral metabolism.

    How is the liver damaged    A variety of illnesses can affect the liver, viz.

    • Viral Hepatitis – inflammation of liver cells upon viral infection
    • Alcoholic liver diseases – like Fatty liver & Cirrhosis (early stages)
    • Drug induced Hepatitis – upon exposure to toxic chemicals or long-term use of certain medications

    These may result in symptoms like loss of appetite, nausea & vomiting, jaundice, weakness & fatigue. The secretion & flow of bile may also be disrupted leading to habitual & atonic constipation. In other words, the overall well being of a person is adversely affected.

    Livotone Capsule can prevent & treat such liver dysfunctions, be it of any origin. This is how

    It contains Kalmegh, Kutki & Bhui Amla which

    • prevents & corrects liver damage to restores normal liver architecture
    • improves liver function & biochemical parameters (SGOT, SGPT, ALP, etc)
    • are antiviral & immuno-modulatory, clearing viral markers like HBsAg rapidly
    • stimulates GI secretions to improve digestion & appetite


    It also contains Sonamukhi, which (alongwith Kalmegh & Kutki) augments GI motility for proper evacuation.


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Livotone 10 Capsules
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