I Know Ovulation Test Kit For Women Planning Pregnancy 5 Strips Multi Coloured

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    Pack of: 1

    Quantity: 1 Piece

    Packaging Type: Mono Carton

    Product Type: Ovulation Period Detection Kit

    Ideal For: Women

    Product Information:

    i-know Ovulation Testing Strips is a single-step urine ovulation test kit, which helps to detect the fertile days in a month when the chance of getting pregnant is highest. i-know detects a surge in LH hormone when ovulation happens in a woman's body, thereby giving accurate results in identifying the ovulation days. Trying for pregnancy on these days improves your chances of getting pregnant. Hence makes pregnancy planning easier.

    #TakeTheFirstStep and start planning with i-know ovulation testing strips

    Key Benefit:

    • Detects the rise of LH hormone in the body, which occurs prior to Ovulation. This indicates that your best days to get pregnant have started and making love for the next 2-3 days, maximizes your chances of becoming pregnant naturally.
    • Helps to confirm the ovulation period without any requirement of other associations.

    Kit Contains:

    Every i-know Ovulation Testing Strips includes the following:

    1. 5 Ovulation Strips Pouches & an Information Leaflet

    Every pouch has followng:

    1. A Single use test device
    2. A Disposable dropper
    3. A silica gel to avoid catching moisture

    Test Preparation:

    • Calculate the length of the menstrual cycle.
    • Calculate the day to start testing with i-know ovulation testing strips.

    Test Procedure:

    • Collect urine samples in a clean & dry utensil.
    • The test can be performed between 10 am and 8 pm. Note that the best time to take the test is afternoon.
    • On the calculated day, use a dropper to put exactly 3 drops of urine in the slot (S) of the i-know strip. Wait for 5 minutes to see the results.

    Usage Direction:

    • I Know Kit is intended for external use only as advised.
    • Before application always go through the leaflet or label instruction that comes with the product.

    Test Interpretation:

    • Two pink lines in C &T means your fertile days have started. Please plan unprotected intercourse. The fertile window lasts for up to 5 days.
    • A single pink line in C means your fertile days have not started. Please test again tomorrow.
    • No lines mean the test is invalid. Please test with another strip.
    • The pink line may be dark/faint as different women have varying concentrations of LH hormone.

    Safety Information:

    • Before purchase, check the expiry date of the kit.
    • If your cycle is irregular then take an average of the last three months’ cycles.
    • Excessive drinking of fluid may reflect false-negative results as it may dilute the urine.
    • Reduce your fluid intake like water, juice, etc. for about 2 hours before testing, as diluted urine samples can hamper hormone detection.
    • For accurate results, collect the afternoon urine sample.
    • Check the time cautiously to get the correct result. The appearance of test lines after 5 minutes may not have an accurate result.
    • The urine sample container must be clean and dry.
    • Though the kit claims 99% accurate test result still makes sure the confirmation of the report.
    • Consult with the medical practitioner for confirmation.
    • If any confusion arises get a hand on the second strip. Do not use the same strip twice.

    Storage Condition:

    • Store in a cool & dry place away from direct sunlight, moisture, and heat.
    • Keep out of reach of children.

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