I Can One Step Pregnancy Test Device

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    Pack of: 1

    Quantity: 1 piece

    Packaging Type: Mono Carton

    Product Type: Pregnancy Detection Kit

    Ideal For: Women

    Product Information:

    With the assistance of the i-Can Pregnancy Kit, the feeling of motherhood is experienced through a hassle-free detection of confirmed pregnancy within 5 minutes from the comfort of the home. The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone (HCG) is induced at the time of pregnancy and the appearance of this hormone in the urine of a woman’s body confirms the pregnancy status with the help of this kit. For pregnancy confirmation, this kit does not require another association which makes it very convenient to exercise.

    Key Benefits:

    • Measures the amount of the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone (HCG) which is produced in pregnancy. Thus detects pregnancy.
    • Reflects the result within 5 minutes assuring 99% accuracy rate.
    • Helps in hassle-free detection of pregnancy.

    Kit Contains:

    1. One single-use pregnancy detection strip.
    2. One disposable dropper.
    3. Silica Gel to avoid catching moisture.

    Test Procedure:

    For the avoidance of inaccurate results and the confirmation of pregnancy, go along with the following mentioned steps.

    • You should perform the I-can test on the day of the missed period or later.
    • Collect the morning's first urine sample in a clean dry container because it contains the highest amount of hCG. Make sure that you collect the midstream urine sample.
    • Now, with the help of the dropper place three drops of urine in the small aperture in the kit that this is marked as “S”.
    • Read the results within 5 minutes and discard the device.
    • You should add the next drop of urine when the previous drop is completely absorbed in the kit.

    Usage Direction:

    • i-Can Pregnancy Kit is intended for external use only as advised.
    • Before application always goes through the leaflet or label instruction that comes with the product.

    Test Interpretation:

    • If only one line appears at C: Negative – Not pregnant.
    • If two lines appear at C and T: Positive – Pregnant (even if the T line is lighter than the C line).
    • If no lines appear, the test is not done correctly, please repeat with a new kit.

    Safety Information:

    • Pregnancy should be confirmed by a Registered Medical Practitioner.
    • Avoid excessive intake of liquids prior to collection of the sample as it can dilute the hormone level in urine, leading to inaccuracy in the test results.
    • If you take the test before the first day of your miss periods, it may show negative results due to low hCG levels.
    • Avoid touching the absorbent area which is marked as T and C as it contains chemicals that help to detect hCG.
    • Do not splash water on the kit before taking the test, make sure to keep it in a dry place.
    • Avoid using a single strip twice.
    • Repeat the test after one week.


    • Check the expiry date of the test strip before buying.
    • Find out the date to conduct the test.
    • Read all the instructions given along with the test strip carefully and follow them properly to get accurate results.
    • Avoid drinking a high amount of fluids before taking the test because this may dilute your urine giving a false-negative result.
    • Use a clock to check the time you need to wait to get the results.
    • Use a clean dry container to collect the urine sample.
    • Normally medications such as antibiotics and birth control pills do not affect the results of the test. However, few medications such as Humegon, Novarel Pregnyl, Profasi, and Pergonal may result in false-positive results as they contain hCG.
    • The Urine sample is to be collected in a clean & dry container. Rinse the container till it is free of soap/detergent. Soap/detergent might interfere with the results of the test.
    • Read the results within 5 minutes, do not interpret the results after 5 minutes. The appearance of test lines after 5 minutes may not have significance. If you want to confirm, discard the used test device and repeat the above test with a fresh test device and fresh sample after 24 hours.
    • For best results, the test has to be performed on the missed day of the menses or later.
    • If the test result is negative, it can happen that the period has been miscalculated. Wait for one week and repeat the test.
    • Infertility drugs containing hCG will interfere with the result of the test.
    • Confirm Pregnancy by other means before starting endocrinology treatment for the patient.
    • As with all diagnostic tests, a confirmed pregnancy diagnosis should only be made by a Registered Medical Practitioner.

    Storage Condition:

    • Store at 4°C to 30°C.
    • Keep out of reach of children.

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I Can One Step Pregnancy Test Device


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