Harpic Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner Floral 500 ml

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    Pack Of :1

    Quantity : 500ml

    Shelf Life : 24 Months

    Product Type: Liquid Disinfectant Bathroom cleaner

    Container Type : Bottle

    Fragrance : Lemon

    Product Information:  Harpic Bathroom Cleaner is a strong bathroom disinfectant and cleaning liquid that helps remove the toughest of stains. It gives you unbeatable cleaning on greasy soil and particulate matter and freshens the whole bathroom. It has a thick liquid formula with powerful cleaning agents that lift and remove tough stains from almost all bathroom surfaces and kills germs to give you a disinfected and germ-safe bathroom.

    ·         Kills 99.9% of germs

    ·         Removes tough stains

    ·         Helps fight odour and any unpleasant smell

    ·         Better than the ordinary bleach, acid and phenyl

    ·         Safe to be used on most bathroom surfaces

    Ingredients :

    sodium hypochlorite 0.5% w/w min., sodium lauryl ether sulphate, lauryl amine oxide, sodium hydroxide, ..

    How to Use :

    For Regular Cleaning of Bathroom Floor and Tiles:
    1. Use 1.5 capfuls in half bucket of water (4 litres).

    For Tough Stains and Sink:
    1. Use Harpic Bathroom Cleaner undiluted to clean for best results.
    2. Then scrub gently and rinse.

    For Disinfection of Bathroom Floor, Tiles and Sink:
    1. Use undiluted for best results or dilute using 1.5 capfuls in half bucket of water (4 litres).
    2. Apply on surface, leave for 5 minutes then scrub gently and rinse.

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500 ml

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