Gillette Guard Cartridges With Platinum Coated Blades

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    Pack Of - 1

    No. of content in a sales package - 1 

    Container Type – Plastic Wrapper

    Product Type – Cartridges

    Ideal For - Men

    Product Information - Gillette Guard Cartridge Pack of 6 is an extremely convenient way to carry or store your shaving system. It has an enlarged lubrastrip so that you get a more soothing lubrication while shaving than with any other shaving product. There is also a precision trimmer in place that has been redesigned so as to allow a far better access to the tricky areas including under the nose as well as sideburns. This makes it a more efficient product for a clean shave. It also has a slotted micro-comb with a comfort guard that can actually align to the blades so that it can be cut at an optimal angle. This feature automatically manages bulges on the face by flattening the skin for increased safety. This helps in preventing missing some of the hairs as well as irritation. Moreover, the comb guard allows helps you to press the razor on to your skin while shaving without having to worry about nicks and cuts. The blades are finer and stronger given that they are reinforced with carbide steel. The blades in Gillette guard have been designed in a manner that allows shaving to be turned into gliding so as to produce the best results. The blades also contain a low resistance coating that allows less friction during shaving as well as a smoother shave. The grooves present on the cartridge above the blade hold in water in the process of shaving, which boosts razor glide. For a more hygienic shave, the blade can be conveniently rinsed. The micro combs ensure that the cut hair be washed away easily and prevent clogging.

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Gillette Guard Cartridges
Gillette Guard Cartridges
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