Friends Care 365 Ultrathin Under Pad L (Pack Of 10)

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    Friends Adult Diapers is an effective way to deal with the problem of elderly incontinence and the inability to exercise control over the bladder & the bowel. They are a blessing for people suffering from Prostate or Urology disorders, Piles, Incontinence, Diabetes, or even patients who are bed-ridden & disabled.

    • Non-woven one way top
    • Inner Absorbent pad
    • Super Absorbent Polybeads
    • Frontal tape with landing guide
    • Two pairs of refastenable Tape Tabs
    • Multistrand Leg Elastic
    • Standing Leak Guard


(Pack Of 10)

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Friends Care 365 Ultrathin Under Pad L (Pack Of 10)

This adult disposable diaper offers the perfect solution to the problem of incontinence or the inability to exercise control over the bladder & the bowel. These diapers offer undisputed solution to all adult requirements and are made adhering to the highest product quality standards. They are ideal for patients suffering from prostate disorder, piles, incontinence, diabetics, urology issues, bedridden and also disabled patients. It has non-woven one way top to guide the fluid into the absorbent pad & prevents it from flowing back. It has superior absorbency with polybeads that turns fluid into gel. Hence the users feel dry & comfortable for long hours. It has frontal tape with landing guide and two pairs of refastenable tape tabs that allows repeated adjustments of tape tabs for new users and guides proper positioning of tape tabs for regular users. It allows multiple adjustments and refastening on the frontal tape. It has multistrand leg elastic for comfortable snug fit without pinching on skin. It prevents leakage in the crotch area. It has standing leak guard that offers unique maximum protection against leakage. Furthermore, it stops urine or faeces flowing towards the elastic.

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