Foley Catheter (Bardia) 2 Way FG - 16 (5.3 mm)

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    Pack Of: 1

    Number Of Content In Sales Package: 1 N Foley Catheter 2 Way

    Product Type: Foley Catheter

    Packaging Type: Pouch

    Product Code: 123616A

    Size: 16 Ch/Fr (5.3 mm)

    Capacity: 30 ml

    Import License No.: IMP/MD/2018/000008

    Product Description:

    Foley Catheter (Bardia) 2 Way FG - 16 is a sterile, single-use, silicone elastomer-coated catheter used for the urological purpose. It is inflated with 35 ml of sterile water and sterilized by gamma radiation.

    Valve Type: Use luer slip syringe.

    Usage Direction:

    • Use under medical supervision

    Precaution and Safety-Related Information:

    • Foley Catheter (Bardia) 2 Way FG - 16 contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.
    • Sterile unless package has been opened or damaged.
    • Do not use ointments or lubricants having a petrolatum base. They will damage latex and may burst balloon.
    • Do not aspirate urine through the drainage funnel wall.
    • Do not resterilize.
    • Do not use needle.
    • Should balloon rupture occur, care should be taken to assure that all balloon fragments have been removed from the patient.

    Storage Information:

    • Store as instructed.
    • Keep out of reach of children.

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FG - 16 (5.3 mm)

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Foley Catheter (Bardia) 2 Way FG - 16 (5.3 mm)

The Bardia Silicone-Elastomer Coated Latex Foley Catheter utilizes a water-resistant coating that rejects moisture. The silicone-elastomer coating on the Bard Catheter provides protection against urethral irritation, as well as a smoother insertion. These Foley catheters are constructed to be comfortable and minimize irritation. These are designed to be pliable yet strong to better conform to the tortuous urethra to minimize irritation and improve comfort. The catheter tip is also designed with a smooth tip to minimize irritation. It is a high quality 2-way Foley catheter is designed and manufactured to be of the highest comfort.

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