Flamingo Extended Forearm Brace Right M

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    Pack Of – 1

    Number of Contents in Sales Package–  1N

    Product Type – Forearm Brace

    Container Type – Mono Carton

    Size – M (15 - 17.5 cm)

    Product Material- Polyester 85%, Polyurethane 15%

    Use for - Forearm brace to help in the treatment of mild distal forearm fracture and wrist fracture.

    Ideal For - Men & Women      

    Product Information -

    Flamingo Extended Forearm Brace right is recommended in the treatment of mild distal forearm fracture, wrist fracture & early cast removal. Please consult your physician before any specific use. If pain persists, consult a physician. 

    Directions for Use -

    • Chose the correct size of splint for the left or right arm.
    • The side inside the top edge of the product indicates "inside up" labeled.
    • As per the individual requirement adjust the angle of blending of the palmer splint.
    • A velcro strap & buckle is provided for proper closing.

    Care -

    Use mild detergent & cold water & air dry. Do not wash in a washing machine or place in a mechanical dryer. Removable splints can be pulled out from the products before washing.

    Warning -

    This device will not prevent injuries or helps in quick healing. Proper rehabilitation & activity modification is an essential parts of a safe treatment program.

    Instructions for Use -

    • Position the splint in the center of the palmer side of the hand.
    • Pass the loop strap through the ring & adhere to the hook & loop.



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Flamingo Extended Forearm Brace Right M

Tenosynovitis is the inflammation of the fluid-filled sheath (called the synovium) that surrounds a tendon. It is characterized by pain, swelling and difficulty in moving the particular joint where the inflammation occurs. When the condition causes the finger to stick in a flexed position, this is called stenosing tenosynovitis, which is commonly called Trigger finger. Repetitive use or movements of the wrist joint may overstretch or tear the ligament. Common wrist problem are Carpel tunnel syndrome deQuervain disease, unlar, fracture, carpal bone fracture. Sprains and strains : Strains occur when muscle or tendons are overstretched. Sprains are an over stretching or a partial tearing of ligaments. Flamingo Extended Forearm Brace gives you a great relief. It is recommended in the treatment of mild distal forearm fracture and wrist fracture. It supports forearm in early cast removal.

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