Enfagrow A+ Nutritional Milk Powder Based Drink for Children (3-6 years) Vanilla 400 g

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    Pack of - 1

    Quantity - 400 g

    Container Type - Jar

    Product Type - Proprietary Infant Food

    Ideal For - Children (3 - 6 years)

    Food Preference - Vegetarian

    Flavour - Vanilla

    Fssai Lic Number - 10012022000280

    Product Information - 

    Enfagrow A+ Nutritional Milk Powder-Based Drink for Children (3-6 years) Vanilla is a unique blend of essential nutrients, including DHA, prebiotics & various micronutrients. These nutrients help to support a child's immune health. The formula helps meet nutrient RDA levels and alleviates deficiency of important nutrients in the body. It is a source of DHA plus, iron, zinc, vitamins B6 and B12, folate, etc. Supports all-around development, including brain development, immunity & overall physical growth & health. Provides these vital nutrients such as vitamin B12, choline, zinc, iron & iodine for the mental and physical development of the child.  

    Key Benefits - 

    • Vitamin B12 helps in neuron & brain function. 
    • Iodine is used in the production of thyroid hormones for normal brain development & cognition. 
    • Choline is used in the synthesis of acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter involved in.
    • DHA is a key building block of the brain & visual structure & function. 
    • Iron supports mental functions which include learning, memory attention & concentration. 
    • Zinc supports physical growth & mental functions. 
    • Prebiotics inulin & FOS are prebiotic fibers that support a child's gut & immune health. 
    • Vitamin A supports visual function & vitamin C supports respiratory health. 
    • Vitamin D supports the absorption of calcium & phosphorus. 
    • Calcium & phosphorus support the development of bones & teeth. 

    Ingredients - 

    Milk solids (57%) [Whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder], glucose syrup solids, sucrose, powdered creamer [Coconut oil, glucose syrup solids, milk protein, dipotassium phosphate, mono & diglycerides of fatty acids & silicon dioxide], minerals, dietary fibers [fructo-oligosaccharides, inulin], docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) from crypthecodinium cohnii & vitamins. 

    Contains added flavour (Artificial Vanilla)

    Contains ingredients from milk & soy.

    Nutritional Information per 100 g - 

    Food Energy (kcal) - 420

    Protein (g) - 14.7

    Fat (g) - 13.3

    Saturated Fat (g) - 8.0

    Unsaturated Fat (g) - 2.3

    Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (g) - 2.0

    Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (g) - 0.32 

    Trans Fat (g) - 0.6

    Cholesterol (mg) - 29

    Linoleic Acid (mg) - 160

    a-linoleic Acid (mg) - 70

    Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) (mg) - 94

    Carbohydrate (g) -  61

    Total Sugars (g) -  32

    Of which added sugar (Sucrose) - 10

    Dietary Fiber (g) - 3.9


    Vitamin A (mcg RE) - 270

    Vitamin D (mcg) - 3.25

    Vitamin E (mg TE) - 3.6

    Vitamin K (mcg) - 16

    Thiamin (mcg) - 770

    Riboflavin (mcg) - 860

    Vitamin B6 (mcg) - 1100

    Vitamin B12 (mcg) - 0.9 

    Niacin (mcg) - 6500

    Folic Acid (mcg) - 50

    Pantothenic Acid (mcg) - 2400

    Biotin (mcg) - 14

    Vitamin C (mg) - 110

    Choline (mg) - 133


    Calcium (mg) - 870

    Phosphorus (mg) - 490

    Magnesium (mg) - 100 

    Iron (mg) - 14

    Zinc (mg) - 4.8

    Manganese (mcg) - 470 

    Copper (mcg) - 210

    Iodine (mcg0 - 76

    Selenium (mcg) - 12.8

    Sodium (mg) - 160

    Potassium (mg) - 620

    Chloride (mg) - 400

    Instructions for preparations & Use - 

    • Ensure all feeding utensils are washed & sterilized thoroughly before preparation. 
    • To prepare a single serving to add 3 level scoops of Enfagrow A+ to 120 ml of warm water that has previously been boiled for 5 minutes & allow to cool to 40 degrees C. 
    • Stir or shake well. 
    • Use a scoop in the can to measure the powder. Store a dry scoop in this can. 
    Caution - 

    • Do not consume in case of any packaging defect or if the can lid is missing. 
    • If the prepared beverage is not consumed immediately, keep it in a refrigerator & use it within 24 hours. 
    • Once feeding begins, use the formula within 1 hour or discard it. 

    Storage Information - 

    Store in a cool, dry place before & after opening. After opening, close the can tightly to ensure freshness. Use contents within one month after opening. 


400 g

MRP Rs. 700.00

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Enfagrow A+ Nutritional Milk Powder Based Drink for Children (3-6 years) Vanilla 400 g

The health drink is specially designed to support well-rounded development and contains no added sucrose. After 2 years old, your child's brain continues to develop. This development forms the basis of your child's learning capacity. Appropriate nutrition, environmental influence and sensory stimulation play an important role in developing brain and overall function. As parents, you aspire for your child to have well-rounded development in key developmental areas: Intellectual, Motor, Emotional and Communication. Enfagrow A+ Step 4 with DHA plus is a formulated milk powder for children.. It contains a unique blend of nutrients that are important for overall mental and physical development called DHA. DHA is found abundantly in the brain. Enfagrow A+ Step 4 is scientifically formulated to help meet expert recommendations for daily DHA intake. It provides 75 mg DHA per day in 3 servings. It also has Multi N-ergy Complex, choline, FOS & Inulin which is the source of dietary fiber. To prepare one cup add 4 level scoop of Enfagrow A+ Step 4 powder to 180ml warm water at 40 degree centigrade.

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