Electrokind Sachet 21.5 g

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    About Electrokind Sachet:

    Electrokind is a WHO-recommended Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS) formula. It is used for electrolyte imbalance and fluid loss following diarrhea, vomiting, and excessive sweating of varied etiology.


    Each sachet (21.5 g) contains:

    Dextrose Anhydrous: 13.50 g, Sodium Chloride: 2.60 g, Potassium Chloride: 1.50 g, Sodium Citrate: 2.90 g, and Excipients q.s.

    21.5 g of Electrokind in 1 litre of water supplies electrolytes in the following concentrations:

    Dextrose: 75 mOsmol/Litre, Sodium: 75 mOsmol/Litre, Citrate: 10 mOsmol/Litre, Potassium: 20 mOsmol/Litre, Chloride: 65 mOsmol/Litre

    Total Osmolarity: 245 mOsmol/Litre

    Use of Electrokind Sachet:

    • Corrects electrolyte imbalance and fluid loss
    • Maintains hydration in diarrhea, vomiting, excessive sweating and other conditions where there is a loss of water and electrolytes.

    Usage Direction of Electrokind Sachet:

    • Electrokind Sachet is intended to consume orally as advised.
    • Dose should be calculated as per body weight and severity of diarrhoea.
    • Directions For Use: Dissolve entire contents of sachet in 1 litre of boiled and cooled drinking water. Dilute as recommended.
    • Continue treatment until diarrhoea stops / dehydration is corrected.
    • Do not skip or stop the medicine without the physician’s advice.
    • Do not consume more than the recommended quantity.
    • Before consumption, always go through the leaflet or label instructions that come with the product.

    Precaution & safety Related Information of Electrokind Sachet:

    • If allergic to any ingredients of Electrokind Sachet, let the physician know straight away.
    • Use with caution in impaired renal function or intestinal obstruction.
    • If found any other complications, inform the physician immediately.
    • The physician should be well informed when the concomitant consumption of this one with another medicine or supplement.
    • Discard any unused solution after 24 hrs of preparation.
    • Seek precautions during pregnancy and lactation.
    • Keep out of reach of children.

    Storage Condition of Electrokind Sachet:

    • Store in a cool & dry place


21.5 g

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Electrokind Sachet 21.5 g

Dextrose Anhydrous 13.50g/21.5g + Sodium Chloride 2.60g/21.5g + potassium Chloride 1.50g/21.5g + Sodium Citrate 2.90g/21.5g

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