Carminozyme Syrup 450 ml

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    Pack of: 1

    Quantity: 450 ml

    Outer Packaging Type: Mono Carton

    Product Type: Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine

    Mfg. License No: AL-606 M

    Product Information:

    Carminozyme Syrup is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine advised to stimulate the liver & restore normal digestive functions with the improvement of chronic ill health. It helps to improve the conditions of Anorexia, Dyspepsia, Flatulence, Liver disorders, Acidity, Heartburn and also regulate Bowel function in intractable constipation. It reinforces protein digestion and protects the gastric mucosa. It controls hypermotility & helps in smooth evacuation. It relieves gastrointestinal upsets, increases appetite & ultimately enhances digestive power.

    Each 5 ml contains an aqueous extract of:

    Kalmegh (A.paniculata) W.P. - 10 mg, Bhringaraj (E.alba ) W.P.- 50 mg, Amlaki (E.officinalis) Dr. Fr.- 50 mg , Haritaki (T.chebula)Fr.: - 50 mg, Bohera (T.belerica) Fr.:- 50 mg, Tewrimool (I.turpethum)Rt.: 50 mg, Indrajab (H.antidysenterica) Sd.: -30 mg, Bhuiamlaki (P.niruri)W.P.: 50 mg, Dhania (C.sativum) Sd.:- 50mg, Gulancha (T.cordifolia)Rt.: - 25 mg, Yasthimadhu (G.glabra) Rt.:- 40 mg, Pittapapada (F. parviflora) W.P.:- 50 mg, Mutha (C.rotundus) T.St.: - 50 mg, Aswagandha (W.somnifera) Rt.:- 50 mg, Anantamool (H.indicus) Rt.:- 50 mg, Jau (H.sativum) Fr.:- 25 mg, Arjunchall (T.arjuna) St. Bk.:- 25 mg, Chitraka (P.zeylanica) Rt.: - 10 mg, Ghritakumari (A. indica) Dr. Lf. Ex.:- 2 mg, Hing (F.foetida) Res. - 2 mg

    Other Active Ingredients:

    Papita (Papain) - 20 mg, Ajowan ka Phool( Thymol) - 2.5 mg, Pudina ka Phool (Menthol) - 1.25 mg, Bit laban - 15 mg,  


    Sodium Saccharin 12.5 mg, Sorbitol Soln,(70%) (Non Crystallising) 321 mg, Glycerin 37.5 mg, Sugar 1 g.


    EDTA 0.125 mg

    Buffering Agent:

    Citric Acid 6.25 mg, Sodium Citrate 1.875 mg.


    Sodium Benzoate 25 mg, Sodium Methyl Paraben 5.625 mg, Sodium Propyl Paraben 1.875 mg.

    Colouring Agent:

    Caramel 6.25 mg

    Flavouring Agent:

    Ginger Oil 0.00025 ml, Pippermint Oil 0.00056 ml


    Parishrut jal Q.S. to 5 ml

    Key Benefits:

    • Act as hepato-protective, carminative, enzymatic actions
    • Reinforces protein digestion
    • Protects gastric mucosa
    • Controls hypermotility & helps in smooth evacuation
    • Relieves gastrointestinal upsets
    • Increases appetite & enhances digestive power

    Usage Direction:

    • Carminozyme Syrup is intended to consume orally in a dose & direction as advised by the physician.
    • Shake well before use.
    • Before consumption always goes through the leaflet or label instruction that comes with the product.

    Safety Information:

    • If allergic to any ingredients of Carminozyme Syrup, let the physician know straight away.
    • The physician should become aware of the concomitant consumption of this one with another medicine or supplement.
    • Seek precaution during pregnancy and lactation.

    Storage Condition:

    • Store in a cool & dry place.
    • Keep out of reach of children.

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CarminoZyme Sugar Free Syrup 450 ml
CarminoZyme Sugar Free Syrup 450 ml
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MRP Rs. 220   |   Discount 6%
Best Before Jan 2027

Carminozyme Syrup 450 ml

A.Paniculata + E.Alba + E.Officinalis + T.Chebula + T.Belerica + I.Turpethum + H.Antidysenterica + P.Niruri + C.Sativum + T.Cordifolia + G.Glabra + F.Parviflora + C.Rotundus + W.Somnifera + H.Indicus + H.Sativum + T.Arjuna + P.Zeylanica + A.Indica + F.

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