Breezy Regular Napkins Pack Of 10

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    Pack Of - 10

    Number of Contents in a Sales Package - 10N

    Container Type - Pouch

    Product Type - Sanitary Napkins

    Ideal For - Women

    Size - 480 mm

    Product Information - 

    Do not let your menstruation cycle get in the way of your social life. Enjoy life the way you want & feel the freedom with Breezy Regular Napkins.

    Directions for Use - 

    • Move both pairs of Red & Blue beads to either end of the belt.
    • Make a ring with the belt & step into it.
    • Bring belt up around your waist. Adjust blue beads for a comfortable fit.
    • Take one tab-end of Napkin & loop it twice through the end of belt & Red bead. 
    • Push the Red bead down firmly against the napkin.
    • Repeat the steps 4 & 5 for other end & adjust. 

    Storage Information - Keep it in a cool, dry & dark place. Keep away from direct heat & sunlight.


Pack Of 10

MRP Rs. 70.00

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