Bio True Multi Purpose Solution 120 ml

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    Pack Of - 1

    Quantity - 120 ml

    Container Type - Mono Carton

    Product Type - Contact Lens Solution

    Product Information - 

    Bio True Multi-Purpose Solution is for cleaning and storing soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogel lenses. It contains hyaluronan, a moisturizing element found in the tears & works just like your eyes.

    Key Benefits:

    • Creates a cushion of hydration between the lenses and the eyes
    • It helps condition and hydrates the lenses
    • It is pH balanced to match healthy tears, which makes wearing contacts even more comfortable
    • Disinfects and cleans lenses overnight and removes protein deposits
    Directions for Use:
    • Place at least three drops of the solution on each side of the lens surface and rub gently for 20 seconds
    • Thoroughly rinse both sides of the lens for at least 5 seconds
    • Add fresh solution to the lens case and soak the lenses for at least four hours before use
    Storage Information - 

    Keep it in a cool, dry & hygienic place. Keep away from moisture, heat & sunlight. 


120 ml

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Bio True Multi Purpose Solution 120 ml

Biotrue from Bausch + Lomb is inspired by the biology of your eyes. It goes beyond cleaning by being the only solution to bring together three bio-inspired innovations- It has a lubricant found naturally in your eyes which helps to provide up to 20 hours of moisture. Biotrue is uniquely formulated to match the pH of healthy tears — maintaining the eye's natural condition and enabling optimal activation of dual disinfectants. Lastly, Biotrue keeps certain beneficial tear proteins active. Biotrue works like your eyes to provide you with the health and comfort your eyes deserve, helping to make wearing contact lenses easier on your eyes. It comes in a 120ml bottle.

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