All Out Super Liquid Vaporizer 60 Nights 3 x 45 ml

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    Pack Of - 3

    No of Contents in Sales Package - 3

    Quantity - 135 ml

    Life Span - Upto 60 Nights

    Container Type - Mono Carton          

    Fragrance - Regular

    Product Information - All Out Super Liquid Vaporizer & Heater technology covers the entire room, so your family can sleep through the night undisturbed from mosquitoes. Kills Dengue & Malaria Mosquitoes, Pleasant Fragrance. Effective against Mosquitoes.

    How to use - Remove refill cap. Screw refill into heater. Avoid touching wick. Always keep heater upright. Plug in 30 mins before going to bed. Move slider to choose between NORMAL and HIGH mode. Unplug heater before changing refill. Please read enclosed leaflet in product before use.

    Storage Instruction - Keep in cool dry place away from heat and open flame, keep out of reach of children.

Product discontinued

3 x 45 ml

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