All Out Flash Guard Pack Of 300

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    Pack Of - 300

    No of Contents in Sales Package - 300

    Container Type - Plastic Wrapper      

    Fragrance - Regular

    Product Information - An easy and effective way to keep the mosquitoes out of house. It will keep you safe from mosquitoes spreading disease. All Out Flash Guard Card gives maximum protection from mosquito bites and ensures you have a sound sleep in the night for a great day ahead.All Out Flash Guard Card have been developed to offer total protection from mosquitoes. Kills Hidden Mosquitoes in 3 Minutes. Kills Dengue mosquitoes.    

    How to use - Take a sheet of paper from the booklet. Fold the sheet,in to 2 and place it in a flat and non-flammable surface or plate. Light one end of the paper and put out the flame. The paper burns for 2 minutes in a draught free condition.

    Storage Instruction - Keep in cool dry place away from heat and open flame, keep out of reach of children.

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Pack Of 300

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