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    Pack Of: 1

    Number of Content In a Sales Package: 1 N

    Product Type: Spacer

    Packaging Type: Mono-Carton

    Product Description:

    Aerolife Spacer is an aerosol inhalation device, that increases the space between the inhaler device and mouth in the form of a tube. It helps to deliver medication from a metered dose inhaler to the lungs by improving the coordination and medication deposition.

    It is particularly useful for patients with poor inhalation technique, children and patients requiring higher doses.

    Usage Direction:

    • Use the cap off your Aerolife Spacer mouthpiece.
    • Visually check the spacer for any foreign objects from both ends to ensure it is clean before each use.
    • Take the plastic cap off of your inhaler mouthpiece.
    • Shake the inhaler well.
    • Put the inhaler mouthpiece into the narrow opening of the end ring of Aerolife Spacer.
    • Put the mouthpiece of the Aerolife Spacer into your mouth. Close your lips around the mouthpiece.
    • Press the metal canister down into the inhaler. This sprays the medication into the Aerolife Spacer.
    • Take a slow deep breath through mouth. Then hold this breath for 5 to 10 seconds. If you are unable to hold a deep breath, breathe in and out normally for 3 to 4 breaths.

    Usage Direction:

    • Use the Aerolife Spacer as directed by the physician.

    Care & Cleaning Information:

    • It is important to clean Aerolife Spacer before first use & then at least once a week.
    • Remove the cap off of the spacer. Immerse the Spacer in a pan filled with clean lukewarm water & mild liquid detergent. Agitate it gently back & forth.
    • Rinse well in clean lukewarm water in the pan with gentle motion.
    • Gently shake excess water off of the spacer and leave it on a clean surface to air dry.
    • Please ensure that the Aerolife Spacer is completely dry before re-using.

    Storage Conditions:

    • Store as per the instruction.
    • Keep out of reach of children.

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