Absolut Susp 200 ml

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Generic Name: Cholecalciferol 200IU/5ml + Pyridoxine 1mg/5ml + Niacinamide 15mg/5ml + Elemental Zinc 3mg/5ml + Beta Carotene Dispersion 2.5% 38mg/5ml + Elemental Manganese 0.8mg/5ml + Elemental Molybdate 8mcg/5ml + Elemental Selenium 10mcg/5ml + Lysine 30mg/5ml + Elemental Iodine 50mcg/5ml + Biotin 10mcg/5ml + Elemental Chromium 10mcg/5ml + Inositol 10mg/5ml

This product has been discontinued.

Susp 200 ml



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